Welcome to the ‘Say No To 5G’ campaign in LB Hammersmith & Fulham

We stand for:

A full, open and honest debate about 5G and plans to install it everywhere

A halt on installing technology that’s bad for us, animals and the environment




A bit of background information


The government wants new 5G mobile-wireless technology rolled out nationwide by 2027. The London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham (LBH&F) has been made a trial site for rolling out 5G small cells (‘mobile phone masts’ in street lighting outside our homes) in 2019-20. Other boroughs will not be far behind. (For deeper and more technical background information, please click here.)




In preparation for 5G literally everywhere, there has been a massive expansion of calls and masts within the borough – not just on top of tall buildings, but through what just looks like street advertising kiosks and even on bus stops, such as on Askew Road.


The technology may be 3G, 4G and wireless now, but the intention is to move over to 5G. The result is a soaking of microwave radiation – and worst reading has been outside the Hammersmith & City line station on Beadon Road. The site, overlooking a bus stop has ‘RF Hazard’ warning signs – if you look right up. Other sites are little better.




If not stopped, the wider 5G project will have serious consequences for our health, our privacy and the environment. We didn’t stop the hospital closure only to put a new strain on our pressured health services.


Stand up for yourself and those closest to you. You can help us to stop 5G


As local activists, we are keen to get some help for spreading awareness of 5G issues and generating popular resistance.


We’re sending the following briefing documents to decision-makers in our council:

The case for a halt to 5G      References    5GExposed notes on DCMS consultation


We are contacting community groups, giving out leaflets to the public and more. We wish to encourage others to take the initiative in ways that fit in with their available time and circumstances.


For example you could use social media or lobby your MP or local councillors. Quick links:

Andrew Slaughter, MP for Hammersmith

Rt Hon Greg Hands, MP for Chelsea with Fulham


Some key points you might you might consider using:


* There is no proof of safety for 5G but many studies indicate harmful effects from microwave emissions. Thousands of scientists and other health professionals have signed an international appeal for a halt (‘moratorium’) on the expansion of 5G.

* The existing safety advice on mobile-wireless radiation from ICNIRP and Public Health England is out of date and inadequate. It only covers very limited exposure and lesser heating effects.

* Allowing 5G would undermine both Public Health England’s official policy of preventing ill-health and a local council’s role in health promotion. It would add to the pressure on our already-strained health services.

* The government is wrong to try to remove planning permission from local communities. Instead they should be given more powers to reject controversial developments.


For more information and references see our briefing documents (links above) or general reference material. (More on our links page, which also has a coverage checker).


We are waiting for a response to our successful petition asking H&F Council to come clean with local people on the health dangers. H&F Council makes money out of letting telecoms companies use our street lighting for hosting cells (‘mini mobile phone masts’).We’ve had to push hard to get a proper answer to a Freedom of Information request on how the contract might be cancelled.



If you can help with the above or on wider campaigning activities, please contact us without obligation – email hfnoto5g 'AT' gmail.com. 


You can also complete this support form (Word file or PDF) which gives some ideas.


Please send any paper correspondence, or donations (cheques/POs payable to ‘New Alliance’) to PO Box 13199, London SW6 6ZU.


Many thanks,

‘Say No To 5G’ campaign in Hammersmith and Fulham



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PS The ‘5G Apocalypse’ and similar stickers that have sprung up on Dawes Rd, Fulham High St, and elsewhere are nothing to do with our campaign




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