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Masts and antennae have sprung up like mushrooms after rain. Even before the more drastic 5G technology gets seriously established, readings of microwave EMF emissions are worryingly high. We have been called by residents experiencing symptoms consistent with exposure.


January 2020 readings, daytime (W6, W12, SW6)

February 2020 readings, by night (W6, W12, SW6) – some comparisons

Readings by Parsons Green & Lady Margaret School, SW6

Readings by Lytton Estate, West Kensington tube, North End Rd, W14



Ideally we would call for an immediate halt to 5G in LBHF, but we are waiting for further information on the legal side. For now, there’s a petition for H&F Council to educate the public on the dangers of unsafe wireless technologies such as 5G, which would be a big step towards this.


Unfortunately H&F Council and local MP correspondence shows reliance on out-of-date, inadequate advice from Public Health England that such technologies are ‘safe’. It only takes into account lesser heating effects. We are giving H&F Council information to help them meet their responsibilities to protect the public under the Health and Social Care Act. (See our links page for more information.)


If you can show you live, work or study in LBHF, then you can sign the petition – either in paper form or online. (If not – please get your friends in LBHF to help). It’s open until 31 May.



Online: Visit the H&F e-petition website. If you are already registered for Petitions – just log in as usual when prompted. (If not, you can register which is quick. This does not seem to use the resident ‘MyAccount’ ID for Parking Permits, Council Tax online etc.)


Your contact details like address, email address will not be shown if you sign online.


Paper copy: Print or forward the downloadable PDF with the petition and pages for signatures.


Any help you can give in getting any signatures appreciated. Details on how to return completed sheets (to us, not the Council) are provided, and there’s an extra box for those signing to give contact details so they can receive updates on our campaign.






 ‘Say No To 5G’ campaign in Hammersmith and Fulham


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