Some important things that you might not know about?


The government wants new 5G wireless technology rolled out to the whole country before 2027. This will have a massive effect on everybody’s lives. Were you asked if this was what you wanted when big decisions were made?


5G apparatus such as mini mobile masts/antennae have suddenly appeared in several locations (Fulham Palace Road shown).


Click here for our Hammersmith & Fulham page – more on the trial site for the large-scale rollout of 5G small cells - and tips on how to complain.


Coverage checkers


EE (including BT)

O2 (also offers mast sites)

3 (fixed wireless broadband)

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Consultations page

LB H&F technical background info



Why the hype, why the hurry?


 Several reservations have been expressed on the justification and value for taxpayers’ money in promoting 5G if demand isn’t really there:


“…the business case for the investment required for the deployment of 5G is not yet established…. the Government and wider public sector can therefore play a vital role in driving early demand as a major purchaser of 5G services as well as helping to address issues around public perception…”

(p8/9, Next Generation Mobile Technologies: A 5G Strategy for the UK, March 2017)


 A report to the European Parliament, '5G Deployment': State of Play..’, came out just before the UK went live with 5G (2019). Researchers similarly warned that:


"Despite the hype around 5G, the benefits in terms of economic stimulation from new services and products in GDP and employment will not be seen in any country for some time."


 Leading privacy campaigners Privacy International had firm reservations on 5G.


Investigative IT website The Register highlighted how 5G was being developed for sinister population monitoring in the UK (using public funds) and China. Campaign group BigBrotherWatch outlined how UK police have been using indiscriminate facial recognition without due legal basis or scrutiny – and have highlighted how 98% of facial ‘matches’ by the Met have actually identified the wrong people!


 Steve Purser, a director of European communications security watchdog, ENISA, warned that the 5G technology had not been designed with security in mind, making it impossible to have “efficient security”.


It seems really odd to want to push technology that hasn’t been tested for health effects, doesn’t meet government systems security policy and lacks a proper business case?


We need a full and honest debate. This website is being developed to highlight growing concerns on 5G health, safety, privacy and security issues. We are planning a further Q&A feature to cover the public’s main questions… watch this space!


For now, here are plenty of links to help understand the key issues.


Websites to cover the important issues


 For now, here are some of the better websites covering the issues:

5G in Merton - good local community site summarising issues concisely

Stop 5G - a hub for a growing number of local groups. Has resources.

5GExposed – good regular news site for 5G and smart meters

Action Against 5G – set up for legal action, but some good resources


Environmental Health Trust

Electrosensitivity-UK (ES-UK) – good set of resources for sufferers

Radiation Research Trust

Physicians for Safe Technology

5GAppeal – scientists call for a halt ‘until technology proven safe


Safe Schools Information Technology Alliance (SSITA)

Wireless Education – on child safety

SafeG – on some safer alternatives

Li-Fi Centre, Edinburgh - technology of the future

Bio Electromagnetic Research Initiative (BEMRI) - on safer alternatives


CellphoneTaskForce.Org - veteran campaigner Arthur Firstenberg

Mast Victims – intelligence about the roll-out of masts/cells

Fibre Action for Safer Telecom Technology – FASST, covers wildlife


 Here are some Industry websites, technical articles professionally exploring the practical issues and occasionally exposing hype:

Light Reading

Fierce Wireless

The 5G Exchange, on the global market

5G Radar


 Also worth a look for industry developments (technical).

ISP Review

Mobile Europe

Operator Watch blog

Smart Cities World

MacWorld – latest chat about the next iPhones


Leaflets to download, print and share


 Here’s some leaflets produced by others:

Wi-fi and 5G safety (PDF, nice and simple)

What you need to know about 5G and small cells (PDF)

5G, 5 facts - written by medical professionals (PDF)

Radiation Health injuries (PDF)

General Electro-Sensitivity leaflet (PDF)


 And our own leaflets, particularly relevant to LB Hammersmith and Fulham…(PDF)

You can help us to stop 5G

Community leaflet on the 5G basics and action you can take.

2 x A5, great for emailing. We can advise on printing.

Paper copies also available for distribution.


5G: Coming soon to a lamp-post near you

Shows how 5G will be installed in your street and the likely effects.

A4. First page can be used as a haunting ‘How safe is 5G’ poster.


Notes: Clarification on ‘ionising’ and ‘non-ionising radiation’ useful.

We are happy to help community groups customise their own material.


Streets Ahead – our first community newsletter



Posters for DIY printing and window display (A4 landscape PDF)


 A simple ‘No to 5G’ poster.

Two colourful posters to support a petition in H&F

 ‘Stop the stealth. Tell us the truth’.

 ‘How many times over the safety limit, mum?



Pamphlets to inform, ideally for the more technically literate


 A summary of 5G issues from 5GExposed. Only 4 pages.


 Michael Bevington of ES-UK exposes serious flaws in the WHO and ICNIRP’s claims on health, 5G and RF wireless radiation. Only 9 pages.


 Michael Bevington of ES-UK rebuts ICNIRP’s claims on mobile phone safety. Only 3 pages.


 Prof Tom Butler exposes the risks to children from RF wireless radiation at school and in the home.


 Radiation Research Trust Director Eileen O’Connor responds to the recent consultation on making it easier to install apparatus for 5G. Only 5 pages.


 5G in Merton have produced a compact but comprehensive set of arguments for a halt on rolling out 5G – ‘Why The Precautionary Principle Needs to be Applied’. There’s some technical content, but it’s referenced and readable.


 Dr Sarah Starkey covers 'Inaccurate official assessment of radiofrequency safety by AGNIR'. Implicates ICNIRP and exposes conflicts of interest. Only 11 pages.


 For those keen to make representations to a Council, legal eagle Jessica has produced a comprehensive set of notes answering the most common questions (p3). Those wanting supporting detail can find it in an annex (‘Schedule’, 12MB DOCX).


 Our own briefing for Hammersmith & Fulham Council on 5G health and liability issues, calling for a halt to the rollout. Only 3 pages, references separate.


 Our own list of reference material for Hammersmith & Fulham Council on Wi-Fi in schools and other countries’ actions to limit mobile phone use.


 Our own 60GHz Scrapbook covering an unlicensed millimetre wave frequency that is likely to be used by future iPhones and is a subject of health concerns.


 … and if you’ve got plenty of reading time, the most comprehensive study on 5G and EMF hazards by Martin L. Pall, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, Washington State University…


 … and if you’ve got plenty of reading stamina, the Bioinitiative Report (2012, updated 2019) is one of the first ground-breaking texts…


 … and if you just want a quick summary of the worst effects identified by Dr Pall, click here and scroll down. This page also lists the main UK government, GLA, EU and industry background documents on 5G.



Videos to enjoy


 A 2 minute summary introduction for those totally new to 5G. From Investigate Europe.


 A 10 minute video featuring a former President of Microsoft opposing 5G.


 In a recommended video of about 30 mins, Barrie Trower, a trustee of Radiation Research, covers radiation impact and provides a link on employers’ duty under UK law to protect employees’ health.


 In a solid explainer of about 90 mins, The 5G Trojan Horse, journalist Derrick Broze looks at both sides of the issue and covers the high-handed imposition of 5G.


 The 5G Apocalypse event in Chelsea (2019) featured a presentation on health matters by Jacques Bauer. About 14min 45sec into the fuller video.


 Some talks from the Radiation Research 2019 conference “Can Wireless Communications Damage Your Health?” are now available. Brian Stein’s on industry lobbying is particularly recommended. There’s also an independent summary of the main conference points available.


 There are also plenty of links to videos on (Thanks, Dave!).


A dramatic full length film


 A full length film, 5G Apocalypse, of about 80 mins, explores the impact on health and privacy, and why officials have let us down. Not everyone will agree on all points, but this film is highly watchable and revealing.


Other materials


 …and finally, for knowledge enthusiasts, there’s a range of expert video interviews available from You can get free access online for a week by registering. There are also options to buy packages such as transcripts only, access to the full set online with/without a flash drive set. 


The talks are being repeated in June 2020; watch out for future access.


A legal action to assert our rights


Support the national legal action against 5G on the Crowd Justice website. It’s organised under the banner of Action Against 5G and supported by lots of local groups and individuals. (Donations welcomed via either link; key updates and legal materials on Crowd Justice).


Petitions to sign and tell your friends about



Click HERE for Jessica’s petition

(38 Deg) for a halt to the 5G roll-out


Click HERE for Claudia’s petition to

Parliament for a halt to the 5G roll-out

(Let’s get it to 100,000 signatures so

Parliament will have to debate it)



Support us - or develop your own ideas for action


We are building a network of concerned citizens in London and beyond – people just like you. We want people to be active in ways that suit their own circumstances and free time – taking the initiative, but knowing help can be found where needed.


For more information or to offer help:


If in LB Hammersmith & Fulham, please email:

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