Make sure you get your objections in to stop them being approved. Every time we stop a mast, it strikes a blow for sanity.

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Here are some locations where we’ve stopped masts locally..


Colehill Lane, SW6

Coronavirus and St Peter's Church - St Peter's Church ...

A4, by St Peter’s Church, W6

DuCane Rd / Savoy Circus, W12






Note: It may still be possible to object after the requested deadline if a decision has not yet been made.


For more information and action:       

Proposed site: On the pavement of S Africa Road, opposite 1 White City Road, near the junction with Wood Lane, W12 7EG

Deadline: 5 Jan 2022 

A typical objection might make the following points:

I object to the proposed mast. It would look stark and grey and be out of keeping with the traditional buildings in the Wood Lane conservation area.

Scientific studies have also shown that mast radiation is bad for people’s health, particularly children’s.  The siting of the mast is likely to cause anxiety.

Allowing the mast so near to two primary schools and two nursery schools would undermine H&F Council’s responsibilities to protect the public and the environment from radiation exposure. In particular, the statutory duty of preventing impairment to children's health or development.



For more information and action:       

Proposed site: Farm Lane, London SW6 1PA,


A typical objection might make the following points:

The Planning Inspector failed to take into account legal direction not to take mere planning guidelines as binding, but ignored actual evidence on harm to residents’ health. The harm to the appearance of a conservation area and defects in the consultation process were played down.



For more information and action: Petitions Online – Old Chiswick Conservation Area

Proposed site: At the end of Corney Road close to the junction with Pumping Station Road, Grantham Road and Corney Reach, W4.

Deadline: 5 Jan 2022 



For more information and action:       

Proposed site: On the corner of Dukes Avenue and Ellesmere Road, London W4 4QG,

Deadline: 20 Dec 2021 

A typical objection might make the following points:

I object to the proposed ugly mast, which will have the visual impact on the Turnham Green and Chiswick House Conservation Areas.

The mast is unnecessary as there is already 5G available locally.

Local radiation levels already peak at above the exposure limit, and the application does not spell out the mast’s power or the expected ‘safe distance’ (Exclusion Zone). This is unacceptable, as St Mary’s Primary School and several homes would be within close range.






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Facebook users are encouraged to join a new group to publicise mast applications, inviting the widest possible opposition.



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