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White Paper and Negotiations

Katya Adler, BBC Europe Editor, columns

Northern Ireland backstop

Referendum and Remoaner Propaganda

World Trade Organization (WTO) Agreements and Rules

General comment




White Paper and Negotiations

White Paper on the Future Relationship between the UK and EU


David Davis and DEXEU sidelined


"PM's plan is even worse than staying in EU"


Legality queried


Reviewed by Dr Lee Rotherham, The Red Cell

Latitude and Wrongitude: Red Lines and Fault Lines in the Brexit White Paper




EU (Withdrawal) Act 2018  


European Union Act 2011, trigger for referendum


Taxation (Cross-border Trade) Bill



EU Withdrawal Agreement, as at 19 March 2018

(green text is agreed in detail, yellow is agreed as an objective)   

at 16:31

Will the transitional arrangement be extended?

Labour MP Hilary Benn, the chair of the Exiting the EU Committee, says the government's plans would take to 2022 to implement, and he asks if the government will extend the transitional arrangement, which currently only goes to the end of 2020.

"No," Mrs May replies.



"Settled virtually all of the Withdrawal Agreement" says May



Katya Adler, BBC Europe Editor, columns



Staying in the EEA – Robin Walker MP


David TC Davies MP


Andrew Percy MP


Labour’s “Six Tests”


Corbyn and McDonnell


Labour manifesto 2017


Brussels bureaucrats overworked   


EU doesn't want resignations to delay Brexit

Speaking in London today, Germany's minister of state for Europe has said the EU does not want these resignations to delay Brexit.


Kurz, Austrian EU Presidency, on hard Brexit, timescales


Britain’s European Parliament seats may stay in July 2019? (legislation)  (PR omits mention)


Hague on danger of no Brexit


Stefaan de Rynck on a likely FTA.


Berlin Foreign Policy journalist Dave Keating


Pascal Lamy on FTA


EU support for multi-lateralism in trade


Association Agreement, Lisbon Treaty TFEU Articles 199-202 and Annex III


Chile, Association Agreement modernisation



Northern Ireland backstop

However, the conciliatory tone of Barnier’s speech was striking and may help move negotiations to the next phase. On Northern Ireland, he repackaged the need for a backstop solution, spelling out the need for regulatory alignment for livestock and agri-food. He said this was necessary for food safety and animal health across the border and would allow farming to continue as it does.

One small ray of light for May arrived in Barnier’s comments on the backstop. Although he stressed that not enough progress had been made on finding an agreement on the Irish border, he did seem to soften his language – saying his side were open to any solution

Mr Barnier promised to “delete” the backstop Northern Ireland plan if a trade deal or British technological solutions solve the border issue,

Richard Boyd Barrett, a Teachta Dála (TD) for the Dún Laoghaire constituency, asked Mr Juncker how the EU could be trusted on Brexit after turning Mediterranean Sea borders “into a fortress”.

“We don’t trust the Tories but can we trust you that there will be no border under any circumstances?”

Mr Juncker replied quickly with a firm “yes”.

The European Union has reassured the Government that no physical checks will be needed on the Border even if the UK crashes out of the bloc without a deal, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said.

Mr Varadkar said that such a “doomsday scenario” would mean that the “commitments of others” would be relied upon to prevent a hard border.

(speculation) Now Government sources say they are prepared for major confrontation with WTO officials, who will insist on a Border with the North as part of strict trade laws…('It is understood')


Global Counsel on ‘no deal’ scenario 


"No deal" scenario not an option


EU institutions united on ‘Norway deal’




Referendum and Remoaner Propaganda

New Statesman on Labour petition  


Greening and Mandelson referendum proposals


FFS (bananas) campaign


Open Britain ‘People’s Vote’ petition


Remain voter Alastair Benn

Remain of 2018, reduced to arguing for a status quo that has been roundly rejected and to arguing for another referendum that no-one backs; it has retreated into clear and luminous little world in which all citizens are virtuous, still European and still right.


BBC propaganda


Led with main headline “Second Brexit referendum needed”, yet the Times was the only paper to give this priority.


Led with main headline “'Voters turn to far right' over Brexit”, yet the Times was the only paper to give this priority. A YouGov poll merely suggested that more than a third of the public were willing to support a new hard Brexit party.


Remoaner views


BBC’s backing for the Brexit blockers’ beano, Gary Oliver

 ... the Beeb – an organisation within which the official Twitter account for Woman’s Hour was brazenly used to announce participation in last weekend’s march for a so-called People’s Vote (a tweet subsequently deleted).

We, the People, are the underdogs in this battle. ….The BBC tries to ignore us…



World Trade Organization (WTO) Agreements and Rules


Find decisions of WTO bodies concerning the GATT agreement in the Analytical Index — Guide to WTO Law and Practice




The Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA)


Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT)


Comment by WTO Director-General Robert Azevedo about trading under WTO rules


Dr Richard North comment on Prof. David Collins’ Politeia pamphlet


Reality Check: Does the UK trade with 'the rest of world' on WTO rules?


WTO Waiver

Waivers and other exceptions




General comment





Commons Library Glossary on \EU


BBC jargon-busting guide








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